Setting Up Your French Clock With Count-Wheel Strike

Clocks that have count-wheel strike are simpler than clocks with rack striking but they have a disadvantage in that the number of blows struck can easily get out of sequence with the time shown. It requires your intervention to re-synchronise the blows struck with the time shown. For this reason it is imperative that the hands are never turned backwards and that when setting to time the striking must be allowed to finish before turning the hands to the next hour.

Movement backplate

To synchronise the number of blows struck with the time shown proceed as follows:

Turn the minute hand to the next hour and count the number of blows struck.

Open the rear door and look for the count-wheel A in the diagram. Lift and release the detent – part B with a matchstick or suitable tool. The clock will start to strike and the count-wheel will slowly turn. By lifting and releasing the detent the clock can be made to strike the correct number blows as shown on the dial. The clock can now be set to the correct time by turning the minute hand clockwise stopping at each hour until striking stops.