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Listed here you will find clock maintenance guides written specially by clock expert Christopher Jenkins MBHI. Further down the page you will find links to other websites with excellent information on Antique Clocks, and indeed other Antique Clock dealers and restorers.

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Setting Up Your 30 Hour Longcase Clock

Place the movement on the seatboard in the clock case & hook the weight onto the pulley; this will hold the movement in place whilst it is aligned with the hood. Fit the hood in place & move the…

Setting Up Your American Striking Wall Clock

Hang the clock on a strong screw fitted to the wall using a wall plug. It should look straight, lay flat against the wall and not be able to wobble. The pendulum will have been removed for the…

Setting Up & Using Your 8 Day Wall Clock

Hook the clock on the wall making sure it is straight and cannot wobble. Some clocks have stabilisers, which can be screwed in or out just enough to prevent wobbling. The pendulum will have been…

Setting Up A Weight Driven Vienna Regulator

The clock should be hung on a strong screw fitted to the wall with a wall plug. The pendulum and pulleys may have been taped to the rear or sides of the case and should be released. Look through the…

Setting Up Your Spring Vienna Wall Clock

Hook the clock onto a strong screw & make sure it is straight and cannot wobble. Some clocks have stabilisers, which can be screwed in or out just enough to prevent wobbling. The pendulum may have…

Setting Up A Rack-Striking Mantel Clock

The pendulum should have been removed for the journey home and you must refit it. The pendulum consists of a rod with a hook or eye at the top and a bob. Hook the pendulum onto the “hanger”. This…

Setting Up Your French Clock With Count-Wheel Strike

Clocks that have count-wheel strike are simpler than clocks with rack striking but they have a disadvantage in that the number of blows struck can easily get out of sequence with the time shown. It…


The BBC offer some excellent content related to The Antiques Roadshow series.The main site can be found at

If you are an horology enthusiast you may find the Historical Clock & Watch Research site invaluable. It is, as it says “the best research site for clocks and watches” and can be found here


Or visit our other website specifically made for Carriage Clocks. Visit
Penman Clockcare is situated in Spalding, Lincolnshire and specialises in the sale, repair and restoration of antique clocks and watches. The shop consists of workshop and showroom and there is always a wide range of clocks in stock. Visit

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