Carriage Clock by J.Soldano


An exceptional carriage clock by this early and sought after maker of ‘Gorge’ case carriage clocks. If you know about the earlier carriage clocks by J.Soldano then you will know that the all important Soldano numbered escapement which matches the clock number is present and correct on this clock. What is fascinating about this clock is the Gong and Hammer. The swap from bell striking carriage clocks to gong striking was being introduced around 1860 and through to 1870, this clock exhibits a very unique hammer with blued screws and a coiled gong of early design. It does make you wonder if this was and is one of the first gong striking, gorge cased carriage clocks produced by Soldano. We have photo’s on our Instagram account of the escapement being taken apart, cleaned and serviced with the silvering being brightened up too. The clock has an engine turned masked dial and the top glass has the oval aperture to match. A ‘Pons’ stamp to the backplate who supplied the Blanc Roulant. It strikes the hour and half hour and has puch repeat too. The clock is in remarkable condition and can be viewed now in our shop from April the 12th (Post Lockdown). Further images can be emailed if required.

Dimensions 90 × 100 × 180 mm
Case Material

Gilded Brass

Dial Colour


Dial Type



8 Day


24 Months


Joseph Soldano



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