Auguste a Paris early Carriage clock


This is a very good example of the earlier style of carriage clock. Before the case design and construction of carriage clocks became ‘standardised’ with Cornich, One piece and Gorge/Cannalee, these multi-pieced cased clocks were being produced in small numbers. Auguste was an early carriage clock maker and in this particular case he constructed, it has been engraved and has the rarer shuttered rear.  The escapement is also quite rare, having an engraved Balance cock and Helical hair spring reminiscent of chronometers. The clock is bell striking and repeating. The clock has had a full overhaul – in house, and the dial shows in very small letters below the six – Auguste a Paris which is also engraved on the spine of one of the plates. The maker is listed in ‘The Watch and Clockmakers of the World’ VOL 2 – Auguste Paris , Carriage clocks, 1840-1880. These earlier clocks sometimes had the Lions head handle mounts which are very attractive, which this clock also has and certainly from the earlier date of 1840.

Dimensions 160 × 85 × 62 mm

24 Months

Case Material

Gilded Brass

Dial Colour


Dial Type



8 Day



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